Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Art Blog

I call myself an artist.  Graduating with my BFA in Art and Design in 2003 would probably qualify this statement.  But, the challenge is in continuing to practice creativity.   After graduation, I set up a mural painting business and I continue to gain commissions on canvas and walls - but I haven't created a full personal portfolio of fine art.  This is my goal!  My professional portfolio is available on my website at

At the start, this blog has a few different purposes for me.  I want to be able to update my portfolio myself and have full creative control.  Also selfishly, I need accountability to create my own artwork on a regular basis.  My mural business keeps me pretty busy on top of home schooling two of my four children!  I am also looking forward to encouraging other artists! 

In my fine art I love to incorporate collage and printing with paint.  I am experimenting with a variety of media right now that I can't wait to share.  I have a rich background of painting, ceramics, fiber and drawing.  I favor bold, dark colors and abstracted designs.  My hope is that movement is also apparent in my work with the aid of brush strokes and texture.  I also love to explore different techniques to stimulate creativity.  Inspiration comes to me from text, especially from the Bible, song, nature or anything unique that piques my interest.  A love of layered meaning is hidden in my work.  It is deeply personal.

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