Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Back

Okay, I'm back.  Sorry for the long hiatus .  I have so many thoughts running through my head right now.  I'm sure only a few will make it to the page.  I have decided to get back in gear and produce work that is my own.  This is the first painting I have done for me, just me.  Not for a professor, nor a customer or even a friend.  This is from my soul.  I've realized, if I want people to appreciate my work, I need to produce.  End of story.  So, here is a start.  A baby step.
I've realized over and over again that I need deadlines to get things done.  (I think this is common with artists, no?)  I am going to give myself small deadlines such as entering a couple of works and the state fair and so on; so that I complete new work.  I also want to continue encouraging you with ideas to stimulate creativity.  Stay tuned for more frequent posts.  They will probably occur late at night or early morning - when this mom of 4 finds the time!  Enjoy!


Anne said...

Love that you did this just for you! I would like to enter a couple of photos in the fair. Would you be interested in working together to meet deadlines and keep each other motivated to do it?

Regina said...

Really nice piece. Rich color reminds me of encaustic work.