Monday, May 2, 2011

The Hidden Art of Homemaking

I have been reading a book with the above title by Edith Schaeffer.  No, the book is not what you probably think it is.  I'll describe it briefly the best that I can.  It starts with the premise that God is the perfect artist and all art reflects his glory.  We are created in the image of the Creator, therefore "we can and are made to be creative".  This book has given me freedom to be creative and convinced me that it is not a waste of time.  I've been stuck partly from thinking that all of my artwork should be for sale or made to advance my "career".  Not so.  I need to create - even if it's only for one other's person's eyes.  I don't dare to write more right now.  I want to bring you with my on this journey chapter by chapter.  I'll give you a sneak peek of what the chapter titles are.  

1.  The First Artist
2.  What is Hidden Art?
3.  Music
4.  Painting, Sketching, Sculpturing
5.  Interior Decoration
6.  Gardens and Gardening
7.  Flower Arrangements
8. Food
9.  Writing - Prose and Poetry
10.  Drama
11.  Creative Recreation
12.  Clothing
13.  Integration
14.  Environment

So, by the chapter descriptions, is it about what you originally thought it was about based on the title?

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abby hummel said...

So glad you are enjoying this book, Jessica! I think a more appropriate title might be "The Hidden Art of Life-making."

I do laugh, though, that a book about God as Creator and Artist and all of our life being a call to live creatively can have such an ugly cover. Don't you? :)