Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This year's Mother's Day is definitely the best and most memorable Mother's Day I've had.  My husband, Justin, and my 13 year-old son, Jacob decided to make a 5 course meal for me.  (It was supposed to originally be 6 courses, but I'll explain that later.)  

The idea sprang from Jacob and Justin's idea to cook together sometime, I think possibly in a cook off.  You see, Jacob has thought about becoming a chef since he was in kindergarten.  However, if he doesn't become a professional chef, no pressure - he'll probably enjoy cooking at home.  

The five course meal took them all afternoon to make - I think much of them for persevering that long.  Each "course" came to me one at a time and they were all great!

Course one was the appetizer.  They made a bruschetta that included an olive paste and balsamic vinegar.  It was amazing - I think it was my favorite of the day.  They astounded me with the presentation as well!

Next were two main dishes.  The first one was Ratatouille, which I've never had before.  They even made a shape of a heart with it in the pan.  Awww..... : )

Can you make out the faint heart shape?

Now the story gets more umm........  interesting.  : )

For the third course, Justin and Jacob planned to concoct three-cheese stuffed shells.  But, it ended up with a different name.  Imagine if you will...  Traditionally with stuffed shells, the shells are stuffed with a mixture, in this case, cheese,  and topped with a sauce.  Well,  somehow directions were miss read and the sauce contained the cheese mixture and the tomato sauce contents together.  Now, if any of you have mixed these ingredients, you know what kind of a sauce you get.   Let's just say - the new title for this course was "Sea Barf".  "Sea" for the shells and the other part for well, you know.  It was, however, very tasty - a lot like lasagna.    (Picture omitted.)

Onto the fourth "course."  Justin made his college days specialty, the virgin strawberry daiquiri.  We were both surprised he'd never made this for me before in our 6 years of marriage, but that's okay.  It was a special day - and he's been making his famous chocolate milkshakes at our house for the last six years instead.

And now for the piece de resistance (sp?).  My guys made me..... a chocolate souffle.  A SOUFFLE!!!  I've never even made a souffle before.  And might I add that is was well executed and delicious.  Ah - I almost forgot - this souffle in the picture is actually their second attempt!  Something didn't quite work out in their first go at it - and it actually turned out like chocolate pudding - very delicious.  It was a good lesson that sometimes good things are created by accident.

So, those are the 5 courses for my Mother's Day meal.  Not bad, eh?  So, what was the 6th course supposed to be, you ask?  Homemade cheeseballs - mainly for our 3 daughters.  But, Jacob is planning to make them later this week.   

I felt so loved by my dear husband and dear son on Mother's Day.  It was WAY better than eating out. 
I thought I'd share this day partly because creating food is a creative endeavor.  As you can see on a previous post, "Food" is one of the title chapters in the book I've been reading lately entitled, The Hidden Art of Homemaking.  Food is not only for necessary for life, but taking the care to create a simple meal or extravagant one with love and care is a type of communication and demonstration of creativity.  


Justin Bennett said...

It was fun creating these meals for you. I am glad that you liked all aspects of your afternoon meal. It was a small way that I can say I love you!

Kristen said...

So glad you had a good Mother's Day! Way to go Justin and Jacob!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty neat. I was home sick all day and had to beg Jonathan to get me some ice cream from the store. :)

abby hummel said...

A wonderful Mother's Day meal for a WONDERFUL Mother! How perfect. What sweethearts you have there. Way to go, guys!